Welcome to the CAMARADES-NC3Rs Preclinical Systematic Review & Meta-analysis Facility (SyRF)


What is SyRF?

SyRF is a fully integrated online platform for performing systematic reviews of preclinical studies.


SyRF provides:

-   Educational resources on how to conduct and report a systematic review

-   Secure screening database, data repository and analysis applications

-   Guidance on any aspect of preclinical systematic review and meta-analysis

How to use SyRF

- Use the SyRF website to learn about preclinical systematic review and ask questions or request assistance through our helpdesk

- Search published protocols to check if there is a review underway in your field of interest

- Publish your preclinical systematic review protocol in the SyRF protocol repository

- Find existing preclinical systematic reviews in our systematic review library

- Use the SyRF screening application to easily screen large reference sets between multiple researchers

- Use the SyRF data management and analysis platform to extract, store and analyse your data (please contact us for more information)

- Apply to access data from completed reviews if you would like to perform secondary analyses


Why register?

When you start a review, register as a user to access the SyRF screening and data extraction applications.

All review authors will need to register independently and can be added to a project by the project administrator.

Registering helps us keep your data secure and allows the project administrator to control who has access to the project data at different stages of the review. Read our Data Management and Sharing Policy here.


SyRF is a free resource for researchers supported by the NC3Rs.


If you have questions about preclinical systematic reviews or require assistance with any aspect of the review process we can help, contact us here.